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Poppy, walnut and chocolate biscuits soaked in milk syrup combined with cream and chocolate - coffee cream with raspberry confit. The cake is designed for 12 - 14 people.
220 000 сум
Thin layers of classic biscuit and crispy fluffy meringue with light cream ice cream based on whipped cream with fresh berries (in season) and milk chocolate. The cake is decorated with whipped cream, milk ganache,meringue, seasonal berries. The cake is designed for 12 - 14 people.
275 000 сум
Cake Rainbow consists of 5 colored Biscuits and 4 Fruit creams: Cherry, Lemon, Peach, Apple. The cake is decorated with decorative cream and pink or green mirror glaze. The cake is designed for 12 - 14 people.
260 000 сум
Thin shortbread chocolate cakes with butter chocolate cream on condensed milk and cherry confit filling. The cake is decorated with chocolate fondant, chocolate sprinkles and fresh cherries. The cake is designed for 24 people.
292 000 сум
Classic biscuit "Salma" combined with berry confit and curd yoghurt cream. The cake is designed for 6 - 8 persons.
200 000 сум
Choux pastry, custard with berries.
17 000 сум



Ladybird cake
Honey sponge cake, creamy custard.
19 000 сум
Juliet cake
Classic chiffon sponge cake soaked in raspberry juice, with a layer of raspberry (strawberry) confit, combined with creamy custard and fresh berries (according to the season). The cake is designed for 10 - 12 people.
210 000 сум
caramel cake
Almond caramel sponge cake with shortbread crunchy base, hazelnut crouton, caramel mousse stuffed with soft caramel and Belgian Callebaut chocolate. Covered with chocolate icing.
26 000 сум
Monkey cake
Dark chocolate biscuit, banana namelaka and creamy milk cream.
19 000 сум
opera cake
Almond biscuit "La Gioconda", coffee impregnation, Belgian chocolate Chantilly "Collebout", coffee cream.
25 000 сум
Snickers cake
Chocolate sponge cake in combination of nougat, caramel, milk mousse and salted peanuts, cake covered with gourmet chocolate, decorated with milk chantilly and chocolate decor
23 000 сум
Flamingo cake
Cheesecake base, cake covered with strawberry gourmet, decorated with strawberry chantilly and chocolate decor, on a sand cake.
23 000 сум
Citron cake
Passion fruit biscuit combined with passion fruit impregnation, passion fruit confit, lemon - yoghurt mousse. The cake is covered with gourmet chocolate, decorated with white chocolate chantilly and chocolate decor, on a sand cake.
23 000 сум

Our values

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Сохраняя семейные ценности делаем жизнь людей праздником
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About us


Safia's pastry shop chain is a family business whose history began with amateur pastry chef Muhayo Ayupova. Her hard work and love of home baking prompted her to go beyond the family kitchen in 2001 and start baking for sale, first for relatives, friends, and neighbors. Her husband, Akmal Ayupov, supports Muhayo's creative endeavors and organizes the finished products' delivery.

In 2007, Mukhayo Ayupova's daughter, Madina Akmalovna, opened her first home bakery shop. She inspires by the family's successful experience and implements her ideas, recipes, and taste. Thanks to her culinary experience and pastry skills, the pastry shop's products have become what they are loved and known for: tasty, beautiful, and high quality.

Over time, Shahzod Alisherovich, one of Madina Akmalovna's sons, joins the work on developing the bakery network chain. He organizes the bar's work in the branches and performs as a material and settlement accountant's duties. At the moment, Shakhzod is a company's financial director, who has created an efficient economic model and automated the company's accounting.

Madina Akmalona’s husband, Alisher Samikjonovich, is in charge of all construction and repair works of branches and workshops. Thanks to his golden hands and ingenuity, the units became so elegant and cozy.

In 2015, Madina Akmalona’s son Bekzod Alisherovich joined the family business. After completing his studies in Europe, he introduced new ideas and concepts to confectionery. The brand «Safia», named in honor of the youngest niece, is transformed into a network of coffeehouses with a wide variety of hot and cold dishes, in addition to the famous pastry.

Thanks to a shared contribution to development, the company begins to grow, and the first pastry shop opened. Pastry chefs with European experience recruit and local pastry chefs are sent abroad for training. Thanks to this, the range of baked goods expands to 450 products.

Soon, a bespoke service will launch to create exclusive cakes with unique decorations.

In 2018-2019 - 12 branches open in different parts of the city. A catering service is being launched.

We are proud that only 7 years have passed since the opening of the Safia brand and in this short period of time more than 50 branches have already been opened in the city, including 3 of the largest confectionery houses in Uzbekistan: Andijan, Fergana and in Kazakhstan. And the number of employees exceeds 2,000 people - professionals in their field.


May this holiday bring you a lot of warmth, sunny days and pleasant moments. I wish that all undertakings come true and dreams come true. Joy, positive, happiness and prosperity.
Familiarize yourself with our products, Order your favorite yummy for delivery, Find out about news and promotions, Find the most suitable branch, And just enjoy spending your leisure time among goodies. Have you downloaded the mobile app yet. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uz.safiabakery.android IOS: https://apps.apple.com/uz/app/safia-cafe-bakery/id1554545839
Pies are not just a tasty addition to tea, they are also heartfelt conversations, cozy evenings and unforgettable memories. Meet our bright new products this fall - juicy and mouth-watering pies. Raspberry Pie Currant pie Vitamin Pie Pistachio Pie Pie with cottage cheese Cherry Pie You can find the whole assortment in the "Menu" folder.
At the international award "Employer Brand Award & Summit" we managed to win a victory and receive 3 awards: 1st place in the nomination "Talent Development" 2nd place in the category "Breakthrough of the Year" 3rd place in the "Image of the employer" category. We thank the organizers of this event for giving us the opportunity to show the results of the completed projects and everyone who was next to us on the way to this award. It is with the help of your support and great love that we reach new heights. We always try to be even better for you!
I have great news for you, now you can arrange delivery from the Sergeli branch. After all, so many asked, and I could not leave it unattended.
And this is a 2-storey building, where it is incredibly cozy, light and deliciously smells of your favorite pastries. Of course, I know you have been waiting for this for a very long time, therefore, I will make this event bright and fun! On August 14 at 18:30 I will be waiting for you at: Birlik street, 18 a, landmark: restaurant "Elegant", opposite the music school.
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